Silvanus Wood Bicycle

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Today we can not say to a wooden bike would be a unique idea, because can be found a lot of these products searching for on the Internet.

There is an increasing fashion to use of wood to build different vehicles.

This is a special bike, because surely tells everyone at first glance that I neeed one of these! Nothing extra just a frame, but perfectly machined and designed.




The two-wheel made of ash wood, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but as it turned out to absorb vibrations very well. Wood is is not a temporary solution for me, the best material, as it natural and as can see, made it so powerful bikes such as steel. Nicer forms may be obtained, but the challenge, as always, lies in the details. You can be sure that you'll never see these bikes in hypermarkets and even in the streets is not sure to meet with that. In any case, it is worth checking out the designer's website because these beautiful shaped bicycles are truly eye-catching.

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