Expanding table



These unique and luxurious tables are able to increase the size of the seating capacity with a light movement. Expansion leaves are stored within the table and are self positioning as the table changes from one mode and appearance to an entirely different one. Operation itself is a sight.
All parts are made of the highest quality. Tables are made for indoor or harsh marine situations, the quality and method of construction allowing for external placement on the deck of the yacht.
Tables can be of any style and of any suitable material and are individually designed.
We're trying to Implement your own ideas.

The STARTING price: Round Table: 5200 EUR Square-shaped tables: 3800 EUR
The table cost is largely dependent on the of materials used, that you defined.
You can plan your table style, color and SIZE !
The table is made is ultra resistant material.
At The Same Time elegant and functional furniture.
Simple to use and easy to clean.

There are standard sizes of table:-
1.0 meter to 1.3 metres
1.2 metres to 1.56 metres
1.4 metres to 1.8 metres
1.6 meters to 2.08 metres
1.8 metres to 2. 3 metres
2.0 metres to 2.6 metres

Fabric Color:

_ ecru _ dark brown _ claret _ dark green

Delivery approximately 8-12 weeks from order.
I personally deliver the finished product and install.


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